Second-hand machines

Put your trust in Fiorio if you want high quality second-hand equipment!

Business requirements are many and diversified. Sometimes second-hand equipment can be the best solution.
Fiorio selects the most suitable second-hand machines that will satisfy the costumers’ production/manufacturing needs. This equipment is always of the best quality and reliability and gives value for money.
The machines are fully checked and tested by our technicians before being accepted and delivered to the customer.
Our machine fleet can be consulted on-line and is updated in real time. This enables us to offer the best
solutions at market prices since they are evaluated on true performance.

- low, medium, high pressure compressors
- air driers
- nitrogen generators
- portable compressors
- diesel and gas generators
- electric and diesel forklifts

Our headquarters has three vertical robotized warehouses able to cover the sale and storage of 65.000 items.